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We have 21 Scout Groups covering Woodhouse, West Park, Headingley, Meanwood, Chapel Allerton, Moortown, Roundhay and Alwoodley.

The Make it Happen Fund

The Make it Happen Fund has been established to provide funding to young people, leaders and

groups to ensure that, as far as funds allow, scouting is available to everyone in the District who

wishes to participate but is hampered in doing so by financial hardship. It is a separate fund in the District under the responsibility of the District Executive and held in a specified bank account. Where funds are raised for specific purposes, for example for use by a specified Group, those funds will be

separately identified. Where funds are raised or donated for general use, any person or group from

within the District can benefit from them at the discretion of the Executive.


The Fund is to be used primarily for providing financial support to young people in scouting aged up

to 18 so that subscriptions, uniform, activity equipment, activity attendance costs and such other

justifiable scouting expenditure at the discretion of the Executive can be subsidised. This may cover

the whole cost or be a contribution towards it. The beneficiaries must be from families with low

income and cases must be put forward by the GSL of their Group or Explorer Leader, in consultation

with their section leaders.

Adult leaders from the District can also be supported in exceptional cases of hardship with the

support of their GSL or Explorer Leader. The individual must be able to demonstrate that they

cannot raise the funds themselves and put forward a case for how scouting will benefit from a grant.


Applications can only be made with the authority of the Group Scout Leader or Explorer Leader with

the support of the Explorer Commissioner. The application would normally be on completion of the

Application Form, but in exceptional cases the Executive can use their discretion. Awards

can be for the full amount requested or partial payment. The award may be in the form of match

funding with the Group or individual in certain circumstances.

Evidence of hardship

The evidence required will depend on the circumstances of the case. Justification and explanation

will form part of the application, and the Executive (or Sub Committee nominated to act on behalf of

the Executive) can request written evidence, for example, evidence of household income, at their

discretion. Where the purchase of equipment is involved, cost should be included and confirmation that

where appropriate the best price/value for money has been identified. If felt appropriate a copy of

the invoice/receipt will be requested for our records.

When the Fund approaches organisations for grants etc. there is often a request for statistical

information as evidence of the beneficiaries of the fund. As part of the application, we ask for this

information in confidence. All information supplied is kept confidential.

Review of Rules

The Rules and application of the Make It Happen Fund can be updated at any time at the discretion

of the North Leeds District Executive.

Contact Us

The Make It Happen Fund is administered by North Leeds District Scout Executive and can be contacted by email, at MakeItHappen@northleedsscouting.org

North Leeds District Scout Council 12/2018